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I think I'm going to make another A Little Bit Bohemian scarf out of my red and black handspun. I counted the yarn as it hung on its peg, multiplied by the number of inches around my swift, divided by 36, and I think I have 264 yards of it, more than enough for a Bohemian scarf. The yarn is kind of wonky in places, but that will just make it that much more Bohemian. 

RedYarn_medium       Beginning2_medium

The fact that it's wonky in some places is why I don't think it's smart to make socks out of it. It's more a scarf kind of yarn. I hope my next batch of yarn, and the plying of it, will be better. I must remember to go slow, and not rush through as fast as I can. I think it will turn out to be better than the red and black yarn, but still not sock worthy. 

It's pretty hard to go from spinning like this:

Sun socks spinning      Sun socks

.... to spinning the wonky crap I've been spinning. It's like an artist losing his right arm (assuming he's right-handed). I have to learn the whole damn thing all over again. Actually, it's harder; try drafting the fiber with only one hand ... you'll end up using your mouth and really, that's not the kind of fiber you should be swallowing. 

I miss spinning the way it used to be, and I miss my circular needles, and I know my knitting and spinning are great and most people can't believe how good it is, but to me, it's never going to be good enough.

I know. Must change attitude. Be positive. Believe. I'm trying...


anne hetheeington

Remember back to when you thought you would do neither ever again. Every yarn has its uses no matter how wonky. Try to enjoy the process ...with your mouth!!!!! .....YIKES you are awesome ....WOW!

Beth Collins

Thanks, Anne :) I hope you're having fun in Shetland!


I know it will come and when it does I can't wait to see it.


My,my Beth. I think we need another afternoon like yesterday! You're doing great! Remember where I am from?????? :-))

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