It's Been an Exciting Week
Acupuncture Update


I found this Thurday on my page-a-day calendar:


It seemed appropriate. Ever forward, but slowly, that's me. I'm just like time. Ever forward, but slowly.

Like growng things, too. I looked out my window to find little teeny-weeny lilac buds, like miniature upside-down clusters of grapes:

Lilac Buds

They're cute when they're small, no? And beautiful and fragrant when full-grown.

I have to remind myself, when I have this wonderful world around me, that I am only here to open the door for the cats.




I am only here to open doors for Ms. Fluffy as she has taken to going back outdoors 10 mins after she just came in:)I love your calendar picture it's lovely:)

Beth Collins

Ms. Fluffy must be related to Nora! :)

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