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What A Difference A Day Makes

Here's my lilac bush day before yesterday:


There's little buds there! I was excited to see them opening so early. Then yesterday, I looked out my window to see this:

Lilacs 2

They are much bigger. It was so rainy here, I guess I just figured that the lilacs would take a day off, but no, they are the postmasters of the world, never taking a day off despite the rainy weather, always trudging forward through the rain or hail or sleet or snow to make their appointed rounds. Once they start blooming, there's no stopping them, like nature everywhere. 

Bunch of lilacs

I am constantly amazed by things at this time every year. Everything grows so fast! It is wonderful.


Nicky is amazed too.




Lilacs are my favorite flowers. I've always told my hubs if he could bring me lilacs for my birthday(in february), I'd be really impressed.

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