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June 04, 2012



I learned crochet from my great-grandmother at the young age of 5 and crocheted for many years before I knew there were patterns(if i needed a pr of mittens I just figured it out). I guess I could do it because no one ever told me I couldn't. I still do a bit of crochet. There is something about working with a hook that takes me back to great-grandma's house with mint tea and butter mints.

Beth Collins

These memories are so great. I can remember getting "H-bars", Hershey's made them, they were chocolate covered ice cream on a stick, and Aunt Phoebe's favorite, and we'd have Red Rose tea (she was from Canada originally, I think) and I'd crochet my yarn while she did thread crochet or some equally fiddly. We had fun. Itr seems like we did it forever, but it was probably just a few weeks in the summer.

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