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June 27, 2012



Has Grace been checked out by the Vet? My cat had a thyroid problem and gained a lot of weight.


Be strong, Beth! Tell Grace it's for her own good. 8-)

Beth Collins

Kate, Grace has been checked out by two vets, actually; she's just fat. We think it's mental issues, like her dog fear and fear of strange men. I thought it would pass after awhile, but seven years later, she is just under 19 pounds, and she's getting old. What got us was her inability to jump up on anything ... so we put her on a diet :)


Grace, I feel your pain. I can't jump anymore, either......

Beth Collins

Too funny, Jean ... Grace loves you...


I think you are doing Grace a great service by "helping" her lose weight.


We have kept our cat food on the counter for years, because otherwise our dogs would eat it. We had a fat cat and a skinny one. They both learned how to jump up and down for food. As he got older Pippin, the fat one, started meowing to get put up to the food. I figured this was the perfect way to regulate his food intake and he did loose some weight. I was worried that he was too fat and it was bad for him etc. etc. He size stayed "robust" for a very long time. I was told it was bad for his health. Pippin lived to the ripe old age of 18.5 years, and wasn't skinny until the very end. I think that is pretty old for a fat cat and I let him lick my ice cream bowl until the end.

Sarah O.

What about a cat toy that distributes food slowly while she plays. Exericise and food all in one. This looks like a fun one http://www.amazon.com/PetSafe-SlimCat-Food-Distributor-Ball/dp/B0018CG40O/ref=cm_lmf_tit_15_rlrsrs0

Beth Collins

Kristin: Pippin was such a good kitty :) Eighteen and a half years is a good, long life.

Sarah: Thanks for the link! I had no idea there was such a ball.

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