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Back To My Spinning

It's time to get back to my spinning. I kinda fell off the spinning wagon back during the Tour de Fleece, and during the Ravellenic Games I was all about knitting October Frost, but during the last few days I've been thinking about spinning again.

The problem is, I don't like this batt. It's a beautiful shade of purple, and I absolutely love the color, but the batt is hard to spin, it's coarse, the resulting yarn (judging from what I spun with the other batt) will be warm -- but coarse, although it's very pretty. It's hard to spin the batt -- any batt, I think; I could be wrong -- with only one hand. I end up with a lot of fiber in my mouth.

The other thing is, I really wanted to spin this much finer, which is why I am having a hard time with it. This batt wants to be a worsted weight two-ply. So, I'm letting it be what it wants to be, I'm not fighting with it anymore. I'll just have a lot of fine singles to ply with something else when it's all gone.

Here's where it is so far:


Here's what's left of the first batt:


Then I have a whole other batt to spin, and then there's the plying. Ever notice how when you don't want to spin something, it seems like a huge amount of fiber you've got ahead of you? I have to spin this so I can go on to spin something else. Seems like it will take forever. I'd better get started.



I am feeling that way about a shawl I'm knitting. I started it, mucked it up so good that I had to tear it out (right before I started the edging), and now am back to one repeat before the edging. I'm so tired of the 16 row repeat. 'Gonna slog thru it.

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