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Heeeeeere's Mouse 35:

Mouse 35

He looks a lot like the last three mice. I think next week's mouse is gonna be just about the last of that yarn. 

I fought the battle with sewing the top of my sock down, and I won:

Sewed down cuff

It wasn't hard at all. (I love the way the little angels look in this picture, hee hee.) It even looks good on the inside:


So my first sock is done, but it's still unblocked:

Unblocked sock

My second sock is begun:

2nd sock

It's not very far, because I had to do one of these:

Rose dishcloth

I think that's my one and only dishcloth.  I don't make dishcloths, but this one is a prize for the 2012/2013 NFL and Knitting fantasy football contest through Knitters Brewing Company -- needless to say I don't know what I am doing, but I can knit a dishcloth and pick winners and losers each week with aplomb. Go here to learn more. You only have to knit one dishcloth to participate. 

Roses have been on my mind lately, and the rose color is perfect for it! And even though the Rose Bowl is for college football and not the NFL, it is still football, and the college players probably go on to play in the NFL anyway, and Pasadena is in southern California like Knitters Brewing Company, and I like roses. 

I've been spinning outside more too, so I haven't been knitting. I like my sock though! Now that I'm on the second one it will go faster. 



I knew you could get the sewing done! Congrats:)

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