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My knitting this week has been this lovely Mouse 34:

Mouse 34

I have only knit about two inches on this sock:


Poor little sock. It isn't that I don't love you, it's just that I have done a lot of knitting lately. Mostly I spend time just gloating over my sweater:


It's so beautiful. I can't believe that I knit it, after all that time of letting it glare at me from my bag on the window seat in the living room .... "This is the sweater that you can't knit because you are incapable of doing cables any more," it hissed at me. And now, here it is, transformed and beautiful. Pardon me while I bask in the pleasure of it!

I don't think I could have knit this sweater in 14 days even before my stroke. I definitely wouldn't have had the time.

Knitting is all about having the time, time to knit, time to think, time to plan and judge what the best course of action is. Time to learn how to do things. Time to figure out how to do things with one hand, for me. People are so busy, with work and their house, and their family, and knitting can only fit into a small part of that. I think it's remarkable that people knit at all.

So, my sock (the first) is ready to receive the cuff: it calls for a picot cuff, but they have a ribbed cuff as well that you can do if the picot cuff is too much for you. The picot cuff is knit a few rounds, do a round of knit two together, yarn over, forming small eyelets around the sock, and then knitting a few more rounds. (I can do that.) Then you turn the sock inside out and sew the live stitches down inside the sock, forming a picot edge when you fold the little eyelets in half. (I don't know if I can do that or not; I used to be able to, but now ...).

We shall see. A lot of people would probably knit the ribbed cuff and call it good. Ribbing the cuff is the alternative, but I will be really pissed at myself for not figuring out how to do it the other way; that means the stroke wins. I really hate it when the stroke wins.



The way I see it as the worst thing that can happen is ...that you will need to work on the sewing part. Just as you did to win with knitting and spinning. You can do it!

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