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So yesterday was Monday (funny how it keeps popping up like that every week, no?) and I still had not done any spinning, and today's blog post was making rumbling noises that sounded very ominous indeed, so I decided to just spin all day out on the porch.

It was a beautiful, sunny day to spin. Lynne showed up  to join me, and she stuffed envelopes and later knit. Somehow spinning goes by much more pleasantly with someone to laugh with! 

What do I have to show for it? Well, I spun one bobbin full:

Full bobbin
(Dust is for photogenic effect.)

Actually, I thought I had filled the bobbin, but later discovered that I had some fluff left in the living room that needs to go on the bobbin. Lesson learned: never trust a husband to gather up all the fluff that goes with the spinning wheel.

Here is how far I got on the second bobbin:

Partly full bobbin

That's nearly a third of it. It is going much more quickly now that I have quit fighting with it, finishing what should be a sport weight ply for a worsted weight yarn, and not trying so hard to spin it very, very, fine to make a two-ply sock yarn. The yarn and I are much happier that way, believe me.

I am happy to report that it looks like the rest of the week it will be sunny and warm (we have perfect weather here in Maine, and there are no mosquitoes here in Rockport), so maybe I should be able to finish it all up. Between finishing October Frost and finishing that purple batt, it's been a great August!



lovely color .....i like it!

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