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I just got a new app for my iPhone! It's called Etchings, and it makes your photos into little works of art, including an Air Mail postage stamp (good for vacation photos), an 1854 photograph, a one dollar bill, a Beatrix Potter print, and a full color spectrum, as well as others. If that's not enough, you can refine the kind of lines that you want to use, from very fine up to extra bold. All for ninety-nine cents! I like it! Here are some samples:

Belted Galloways Etching
Some Belted Galloways up the road from me. That's a regular etching.

Porch Etching
My Porch

Our House Etching
Our house, doesn't it look old?? Like 1854 old?

Nora's grandmother

Tom Kitten
Nicky as a Beatrix print

One dollar bill
Nicky as a $1 Bill

Etchings is available for the iPhone now, and they're working on it for Android as well -- you can sign up to be notified when it comes out. It is made by MindSea Development, out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, one more reason to love Canada.

Wild ... What they won't come out with next!



Cute I love some of the picture apps I have with my android they can be so much fun.


It is fun!!

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