Stripping the Yarn Stash

It's coming towards the end of another year of knitting and I'm pleased to say I have reduced my stash considerably -- but then, considering how large my stash is and what a small dent I have made in it, that isn't saying much! I'm pretty happy with my spinning stash, however. My spinning stash is only one bin, and I can see the difference there. Next year, if I keep spinning and don't buy much more fiber, I might clear it out! That doesn't really help the knitting stash, though, hehe. Less fiber for handspinning means more handspun yarn for knitting ... hmmm, or gift giving...

I have about twelve more projects planned for the ol' stash-busting mania, and I'm gonna pull a few old UFO's (unfinished objects) out of the stash, too. Reduction is key. If my stash was gone, we would have an entire room upstairs for something else! Maybe I'd be better off trying to reduce just one bin; it's less scary that way.

How big is your stash? Is it full of the extra-good yarn that you just want to fondle but never use, or is it good, usable stuff that you got on sale, or is it remnants of icky yarn that you have in your stash that you just don't like? Mine is mostly good, usable stuff that I hope to use, the sooner the better. But I need to go through it and weed out the yarns I know I'll never use.

Stripping the yarn stash



All of the above. And I love it all. Cheers, Shelagh.


I culled my herd a few weeks ago ....the hubs has been such a sweetie...he used to bring me home tubs of acrylic from yard sales till I begged him to stop. I had so much.... I donated 4 garbage bags full to charity and friends.

Nancy Zazza

I, too, have TONS of yarn and fiber. Can't resist a fleece that I've fondled! Organization is the key: but that means we have to FACE our stash..... must do, tho. Holidays are coming and we all have the yarns inhouse to proceed, right??!!!!
Don't fear the unknown.... check our your stash and dream!


LOL, Shelagh, I know you have the right amount of yarn!

Brandi, 4 garbage bags, wow! Good for you! The last time I de-stashed (my friends split it up) i had 5 garbage bags ... time to destash again, I think.

Nancy, dive in and luxuriate in your stash! The holidays are coming!

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