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September 17, 2012



All of the above. And I love it all. Cheers, Shelagh.


I culled my herd a few weeks ago ....the hubs has been such a sweetie...he used to bring me home tubs of acrylic from yard sales till I begged him to stop. I had so much.... I donated 4 garbage bags full to charity and friends.

Nancy Zazza

I, too, have TONS of yarn and fiber. Can't resist a fleece that I've fondled! Organization is the key: but that means we have to FACE our stash..... must do, tho. Holidays are coming and we all have the yarns inhouse to proceed, right??!!!!
Don't fear the unknown.... check our your stash and dream!


LOL, Shelagh, I know you have the right amount of yarn!

Brandi, 4 garbage bags, wow! Good for you! The last time I de-stashed (my friends split it up) i had 5 garbage bags ... time to destash again, I think.

Nancy, dive in and luxuriate in your stash! The holidays are coming!

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