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My Spinning

When the weather was a bit warmer I took advantage of the time to spin outside on the porch. It was really beautiful! Since I finished my purple batts (finally), I was ready to tackle the red and brown roving that I think Tracy gave me when she sold the half of the black fleece to me. I kinda put it away with the black fleece; I'm going to have a fun time with all that black!

Drafted roving

It's wool, and it sticks to itself something fierce, it's very grabby. It drafts easily, if you are not particular getting it perfectly spun, which I am not. Actually, I hope to spin this keeping the thick-and-thinness of it, because I think it looks old-fashioned; that's the only thing I can think of to describe it, "old fashioned." It looks like an old-fashioned hunting hat, or probably two or three hunting hats.

(The blue bit is my leader poking through.)

It was a very enjoyable day, and Nicky came and relaxed on the bench with me:


I have to wonder what he imagines I'm doing. 

I was sad to hear of Marianne DelConte's passing. Her charming smile always cheered me! I miss you, Marianne. When I spin, or knit anything with cables, or work with anything yellow, I'll always think of you.



Nicky is probably thinking that your making more string for mice.


Heh, he probably is!!

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