My Spinning

My spinning mojo is seriously lacking. This is what I got done all of last week:



Sorry about the darkness of the photo ... it was dark when I took it. It gets dark so early now, ya know? 

I spin about 2 yards of roving per day, and I don't know how many yards of yarn that equals. Then there are the days when I don't spin at all. Even when I am not spinning, I still beat my old record of not spinning all year and then spinning all day, one day per year.

I was getting better before my stroke though, I was drop-spindling religiously about 45 minutes to an hour each day, and I was getting quite fast at it, too. I could spindle spin the wool for a pair of socks and ply it, in about 16 hours. If that were my work, I could spin it and ply in two work days, faster if I used a wheel. Ah well, those days are behind me. 

I've got the rolags left over from my Knitting Olympics of 2010, right before my stroke; I should spin them to see how close I get to spinning fine enough and consistent enough for sock-weight yarn.



It will come will come. I want to you know you really are an inspiration to me. Thanks you for that:)

Nancy Zazza

Oh such wonderful colors: the colors of fall. Keep it up: even if you're not "good" (by your own judgement), you are using more brain cells than any other time! Consider it Brain Yoga...... plus, you'll never know what else may "join in"..... what other body parts, that is.....
Love your posts, and your enthusiasm. Keep it up, and keep Doing!


Glad I'm an inspiration! You give me a lot of inspiration too!


I sure hope so Nancy! I can use all the Brain Yoga I can get!

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