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My Spinning

All my purple batt is spun; here it is, before setting the twist:

It's better, but it still needs work. It is well balanced, so that's good. I did try to ply it a little more, and it looks better.

Now I'm going to tackle 2 balls of red/dark brown wool (I think it's Romney?):


It's roving, and drafts pretty easy. I think it'll be kinda marled when it's done. We'll see. It might be really pretty.



Your purple is very pretty ....i will await the brown and red.


Your spinning is amazing... as is everything that you are doing post-stroke. I read your blog all the time, but rarely comment. I wanted to tell you what an inspriration you are!

Beth Collins

Thank you! I sometimes wonder how many people I have who actually read this blog :) Keep being inspired!

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