Herd Boy and Weaving-Girl

My Knitting

Mouse 42 is done:

Mouse 42

I still can't believe that there are only ten more mice.

I worked on my Bohemian scarf. Aren't these needles lovely? 



And the yarn, equally lovely:

The scarf in the making:

Half done

Close up

I finished the knitting on Monday. It still needs to be blocked.

Scarf 2

Now I'm onto the Evernote Knit-Along. You may remember that I am doing the Lettuce Knit Finerless Gloves/Armwarmers by Grace Alexander, but I am doing it in the round with no seam, instead of back and forth with a seam. I had to rewrite the pattern, which you will find here, size small only. I am using size 6 needles and Naturally Aran 10-ply.

Lettuce  Knit

This is how far I got Wednesday:


One mitten is done now:

Lettuce Knit 1

I'll probably finish it tomorrow, and then I'll make a few hats. I like making things that are done in a few days!! I feel like I'm getting so much accomplished!



You are amazing! Miss you!


You've been so productive lately.....awesomness!

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