In Nova Scotia
Bay of Fundy

My Knitting

I did a lot of knitting this week. Mouse 43 is done:

Mouse 43

I blocked my peony baby sweater (sans the buttons):

Blocked peony


I blocked my purple Bohemian scarf and I gave it to Sharon, because she used to spin with me all the time:

Blocked bohemian

We're actually spinning together tomorrow; I brought my spinning wheel with me to Nova Scotia. Sharon told me that Louet is going to make the S-90 again this fall, in blonde wood this time instead of the black walnut (the black walnut ones were an anniversary edition). I somehow want one. Sigh.

I finished knitting my Lettuce Knit Armwarmers:

Lettuce knit armwarmers

And then I blocked them:

Blocked mitts

I knit a hat:


When I left, it was charcoal gray. I have since gotten a picture from my husband, who blocked it for me while I was gone, and now it's blue, apparently:

Blue hat
.... or it could be the camera. I'll see when I get back.

I started knitting a sock on the ride up to Nova Scotia, and the first one has a heel now:


I'll finish the first sock before heading back into Maine. I think I'll have three-quarters of the pair done by the time I get home. I'm using sport weight wool and size 3 needles, which goes pretty fast and it's good car knitting.

I got some really pretty yarn and some stitch markers today at the Lunenburg Farmer's Market and Gaspereau Valley Fibers, and I'll tell you about it later. Lynne and I are having a great time over here! Tomorrow, I'm going to go spinning with Sharon, and Lynne and Richard are going rowing in Richard's boat that he built. It's gonna be a great day!



I'm impressed with the amount of finished objects....sadly I haven't finished one in over a month.

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