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Mice 39, 40, and 41 are done, and pleased to be caught up:

Mice 39, 40, & 41

(Nicky included for scale.)

The Peony Cardigan is done, but seriously unblocked. The picot edges are curling up like mad, and it was a real struggle to get it to lie as flat as I did in this photograph:


I do hope the curling blocks out of it. This was a cute cardigan and I guess it was an easy knit, but I will not knit it again. Well, maybe I would, but definitely not in this yarn. I sold a lot of Shibui over the years, but this and the yellow Wanida socks were the first time I actually knit with it. It's great in socks! They are lovely. On size 4 needles for a baby cardigan, it was like trying to knit an octopus. Yarn twisted everywhere; it was like it had a mind of its own. My needles kept splitting the yarn, very maddening. It came out beautiful in the end, and I'm very happy with it, but wrestling that octopus was why I ripped it out (my own stupidity hepled with that, though) and why it took like four weeks to complete a baby sweater that should have taken only one week.

Speaking of repeating something I've knit before, you may recall that I knit A Little Bit Bohemian, the scarf that I knit from the handspun that I got in St. John, NB last fall. It came out great, so great that I wanted to knit it again, this time using my own handspun from the purple batts I got from Indigo Moon:

Purple yarn

The blue/green handspun from St. John is much finer than the purple yarn that I spun, and it's a great part mohair, where my purple yarn is a solid wool and spun by a person with one arm, so it feels -- and is -- much thicker and thinner, more lumpy amd bumpy than the nice, smooth, slick little mohair spun by someone with two hands, but all in all, I am very happy with the yarn I spun. When I wound it up into this cake I just gazed at it in wonder, I was so amazed that it actually came out looking like yarn at all!


I'm using it to knit A Little Bit Bohemian by Rebecca Stromgren, but I'm using size 9 needles rather than size 8's because of the lumps. I've only done a bit, but I think it is coming out well:


It's actually a richer, deeper purple than this. My camera doesn't do colors well. Hopefully I will be done this in five days, if not sooner!



The baby cardigan is gorgeous. I'm sorry you had to "wrestle an octopus" to make it work but well done!

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