Yarn in Nova Scotia

My Spinning

When I was at Sharon's, I wanted her to critique my spinning and help me in any way she could. She thought spinning from the fold would be good for me, but I just couldn't get the hang of it, so I was going to keep spinning my lumpy, bumpy yarn.

It was when she had me try some combed Corriedale top that everything clicked. What a difference! It was like the difference between mashed potatoes and luscious chocolate pudding with whipped cream topping (not that there's anything wrong with mashed potatoes, but honestly, which would you rather eat??). I am in spinning heaven now. 

Of course we started out with orange, because who doesn't need more orange yarn?


I could feel the difference as soon as I started.


I'm a happy spinner now!


My yarn is about the same as it was before I had my stroke, and it makes me happy:


I got four more colors of Corriedale combed top, 8 ounces each:


Some Blue Faced Leicester (8 ounces):


And last but not least, I got some of Sharon's beautiful alpaca, from when she had her farm. This is from an alpaca named Rudolph Valentino, known for his bedroom eyes; I spun a little Rudy once before, and feel lucky to be able to have the chance to spin more of his caramel-colored  fleece:

There's nothing quite like spinning fiber from an animal you have petted!



I'm so happy for you!!!

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