My Spinning

I've been getting ahead on my spinning. I got the second bobbin filled:


Then I plied and I plied and I plied, and made this yarn:


It's pretty fine yarn, but still lumpy bumpy, which may be the roving and it may be me. The roving is pretty hard to draft evenly, because it's so sticky and because I don't think it was combed; there's little noils of wool in it, and I have to be more patient and draft it more evenly and spin more slowly. It is not merino or alpaca, it is regular old wool.

This yarn is better than the purple yarn, which anded up worsted to light worsted in weight. This yarn is a fingering to DK in weight, but I haven't set the twist yet, and it swells or puffs up some when  I do that, so it'll probably be a heavy fingering to light worsted weight when it is done.

I still have a ball of roving left to spin. I like the yarn quite a bit, though I have no idea what I'll do with it when I'm done. What would you do with it?

Lynne and I are going up to Nova Scotia today, where I'll see Sharon and Richard, my good friends who used to own alpacas before they moved to Canada. Sharon is still into spinning big time, and I'm sure I will find something to spin while I'm there! I'm taking my spinning wheel just in case :)



I love the texture of regular old wool.

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