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Slow Spinning

I spun yesterday, so I only spun two out of seven days this week. Still, that's better than zero out of seven. I'm about two-thirds done my second bobbin:


The good news is, I've found the card that says where Tracy bought the roving! It's from Jehovah Jireh Farm, in Paw-Paw, Michigan. (I always wanted to make a connection with Paw-Paw, because I love the name.) The farm is owned by Amy and Greg Francisco. This black and dark brown (it's probably supposed to be black) roving is pretty, but I like a few other colors they have, too. This color would be fun to spin in the winter:

Smiles 4

It's called "Smile". Great name!




Isn't it great when we find out things that make us feel like "smile."

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