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I'm going to make a baby blanket, maybe two next year. Our family has a baby coming: my nephew and his wife are expecting, and that, my friends, is the knock of opportunity. I also didn't make a baby blanket for my niece and her husband's baby, because I was in the hospital at the time. She is two  years and almost three months old now, and I'm think she might need a big-girl blanket. You know, for blanket forts and such.

To crochet? or knit? In blocks or strips? Or whole? Lacy? (Seems to me that lacy designs would get their fingers caught, and I don't want to be responsible for yanking kids' digits askew.) Cables? Colorful? What colors?? Make it up, or follow a pattern? (I never designed a baby blanket before.) The possibilities are endless. 

I've seen a lot of baby blankets that I like. I've thought of a few I'd like to design.  But, as a person who has never had kids before, and I really don't interact with them much -- I prefer kids when they're about 10 or 11 or older; I am the grumpy old lady of  children everywhere -- I ask you, what makes a good baby blanket?

It's fun to go through my stash of patterns!

Oat Couture's Curlicue Coverlet




I'm not a little kid person either, but I think a blanket in a fun shape, like a star or octagon or circle would be fun for any age. I crocheted a great, huge 12 pointed blanket last winter. It was fun to make and I didn't get bored working on it.


I think so too, Sarah, I'm leaning toward that idea. Thanks for checking my blog :)


I haven't made any baby blankets for a long time. I wouldn't know where to start.


IMHO: Summer baby? Light and lacy. Winter baby? Warm and wonderful. Color? Anything goes!


Hi Jean! The baby is due in the summer. Think I shall do it in a rugged cotton.

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