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I started a new Crochet-Along, because Start-itis is my middle name. You might think my middle name is Louisa, but you'd be wrong. It's Start-itis.

It all started with The Creative Crochet Crew over on Facebook. They had a link to a square that I liked, it's from SpinCushions over at Spinatomy,  and it turns out that there's a crochet-along starting November 16th! In A Spin has a ravelry group and a Photobucket group. It's gonna be really fun. 

We're going to make a block a week, not sure how many blocks all together. SpinCushions is still figuring stuff out. She's using 7  200-gram balls of DK cotton; I am using stashed yarn, 1800 yards or so of a worsted weight. She recommends a 5.00mm hook, and I'll start with that, but I may go up a size or two.

The blocks range from beginner level to more ambitious levels; the idea is, you will learn new things as you go. You just need to know basic crochet to start out. I am all about learning new things! It helps my brain. 



Oh I have Start-itis too! Hope you enjoy the cal - I sure am having fun putting it together :)


It's exciting!!


how fun :)


Oh dear! I might just have to do this to use up some stash and make a blanket for the library blanket drive and I haven't missed the start yet. I've gotten behind reading your blog and I almost missed this. Thank you for your wonderful blog and all the great ideas you have.


Sure thing, Sarah!

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