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My Knitting

Meh. My knitting hasn't gotten very far this week. It seems the walls were stormed by an influx of words that needed to be typed. Also, no mouse this week; he couldn't couldn't make it through the myriad of words that was teeming around him. Maybe Nicky or Nora got him (probably not Grace, despite her love for food), maybe there was cheese, or something. I'll try for next week.

Meanwhile, I did a very little sock knitting:


I'll try to finish it by next week, but there's no guarantee.

I'm right on track with my NaNo-ing, 13,388 words to date, and I've still got to write today's words. Then, back to sock knitting!

:::goes off, brandishing her laptop and her knitting needles:::



and you brandish those 2 two items so well!!!!

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