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Adventure games have been a big part of my life, especially Myst and Riven, two games by Cyanworlds

I loved Myst when it first came out. We had just had a new-fangled thing called a 'CD-Rom' installed in our Apple computer, I think it was a Quadra or something. We fired it up and fell into the marvellous world that was Myst. 

A little later Riven came out; it was even more beautiful than Myst had been. Wahrks sunned them selves on the beach; I used to just sit in this one place I found, high up, and take in the sights and sounds of this make-believe world. For me, it wasn't about solving puzzles or finding answers, it was about the beauty of the world. From then on, every game that came out from Cyanworlds, I pretty much just read the walkthrough to get to see the beautiful images (sorry, puzzle-makers of Cyan, the game just got in the way of ... the game).

It was my ideal picture book, with sounds and sights, with my lights turned off and my earphones on, I could go to Riven (or whatever made up world it was that day) -- no matter if I couldn't smell or taste or feel anything, it seemed real to me.

Still does. Now I have Myst and Riven on my iPhone. Can you believe it? The fan community used to laugh at the idea when it first arose, long before there was such a thing as apps for your phone. I still go in, and I still don't solve the puzzles, but I enjoy the scenery. 




I remember myst although I never played riven. I also remember they made a parody of myst and called it pyst.


I remember that one! It was hilarious :)

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