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Maritime Fiberfest

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I had such a good time at the Maritime Fibre Retreat! Here's my nametag to prove I was there. I saw so many beautiful things at the event ....

Tea cozy
This tea cozy was interesting!

Red quilting
What a beautiful example of quilting... just gorgeous.
White coverlet
This coverlet was hand knit, and it is very beautiful. Here are some detail shots:
Bobbin lace
I was astounded by this bobbin lace! 
Rug hooking
Rug hookers were everywhere! 
Color wheel
This is part of an example of Anne's natural dye display.
Beautiful shawl
I saw this wonderful shawl at breakfast.
Rug hooked sheep
I liked this sheep.
Sock machine Annie
Annie was busy at the circular sock machine and her spinning wheel!
Isn't Richard cute?
Richard Nametag
Love his name tag ... "Rented Mule". 
Sharon and Caroline
And it was so good to see Sharon and Caroline!
Caroline Sweater
This is Caroline's fabulous lace sweater in the fashion show! It fit her perfectly. It was so pretty!
Thank you so much, Sharon and Richard, for making the Maritime Fibre Retreat such an amazing event for so many people! It was fun to be with so many wonderfully talented people ... it was so welcoming. 


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