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~♥ Grace ♥~

Grace, the very good kitty, has gone to kitty Heaven, where the food bowls are always full,  and there is always cream and cheese. There are lots of catnip mice to toss around playfully, there are many sunbeams in which to  to sprawl about, and lots of cushy places to curl up and snooze in. There are no dogs barking and chasing her up there, no small children who move quickly about, and no fleas to aggravate her. There are only warm places and loving hands to rub her head and scratch behind her ears. Good bye, Gracie ... we'll miss you.




We love you guys, I'm so sorry for your loss! <3


I am sure she had a wonderful life with you, Beth. We had to euthanase our little dog two weeks ago. The house echoes emptily.


Beth, what a wonderful eulogy for Gracie; you have a way with words that goes straight to my heart.


Thanks so much for your kind words, everybody, and for those who just stopped by and read. I'm sure Grace heard you and purred in reply. She is happy up there, I think.

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