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March 15, 2014



This does look like fun, Beth. I disagree with you on one point though--there's no way I knit faster with two hands than you do with one. I've seen you knit! ;-)

Thanks for sharing your review. I wouldn't mind winning a book, either.

Be well and come to knitting on Sat sometime!


I love the letters! I dare say you probably knit faster than I do, I have been scared to try dpn's or in the round. This would be a reason to try!


Oh, I have a little nephew that this would be PERFECT for! He loves to throw things and these he would be able to toss around without breaking anything... like the TV. Yea... that happened. I feel like my Dad is going to blackmail him with that when he is older. Hahahaha


This looks great fun!!
I'd love to win a copy!

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