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Strange Thing, Color

Dear Blog,

I missed you. My sister died on Memorial Day, and I kind of fell apart. You remember my sister, who did NaNoWrimo with me last year? Yeah. It was tough; still is. Anyway. 

Rachel loved to read my blog. I don't know why. But I figured I would post on it more regularly, because, you know, maybe she is still reading it. 

Let's see. What has happened since I finished Harriet? I knit a Doctor Who scarf:


I knit a plain pair of socks:


I did a mystery shawl with leftover yarn from the Pueblo Stole:

IrisMysteryShawl Complete

Then my sister died. I had a couple things on the needles when she died, and I have since finished them. One is a leftover scarf from the browns in the Pueblo Stole:

Brown leftovers scarf

I had this wonderful yarn from Ball and Skein, that I used to make Snowflake Lace socks:

Snowflake Lace Socks

I started another pair of socks on Memorial Day, but they are not finished yet:


I needed something simple to knit on, something I could cry into. I am almost finished with them.

Then, I crocheted a hat with leftover worsted yarn:


That was a quick, two-day project. Last week I started a lace cardigan project with some of Rachel's yarn:

DROPS lace cardi

I haven't gotten very far on it. The yarn is fuzzy and tangles easily, and with only one hand, I find tangling to be really unfortunate. Today I thought about how to knit it more easily, and I think I have found the answer, but I will let you know after I try it out.

I just started today on the Summer Mystery Shawl from Wendy Johnson, which is pleasantly non-combative and easy to knit so far. I'm working on the first clue:


That brings me up to date. Happy knitting, everyone :)


Sue Heal

Glad you're back!!

Nancy Zazza

Prayers for peace....

Carry on and knit!

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