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I Wonder What I Would Do With A Brain If I Had One

I keep making mistakes in my knitting. I mean, All. The. Time. I blame it only having half a brain now, but geez ... seems like I used to do more with it. Maybe it's oozing out of my ears at night, going to Bermuda, and didn't come home because, well, Bermuda, baby! What's not to like? When I just have a few crumbs left of my brain, it'll be fine because by then, I'll just be drooling and staring vacantly and I will think everything is absolutely wonderful, hehe. 

Anyway. Here is the 2014 Summer Mystery Shawl by Wendy Johnson, Part I:

SMS2014Part I

I had to knit it about eight times because of The Mistakes I made by not paying attention, and I noticed a mistake halfway up when I took this picture, but I don't really care. Only God is perfect. This shawl looks black to me, in person and in this picture, although it was very navy blue in the picture I took last week. Perhaps I should call it the Dopplegänger shawl :)



Well, Beth; I make mistakes when knitting and have no excuse! Maybe my brain oozed its way to the Florida Keys?
Hope its having a nice time, I really miss it........


You do more with half a brain that I ever did with my whole brain, and I am probably not going to be increasing brain power from now on! I need to be a better observer as well, 'cause I only notice mistakes when I'm inches away from them, never at the time...and as we all know THE Rules of Knitting: It has to hold together, AND... here it comes: YOU HAVE TO LIKE IT! So there's the delima... can I live with the mistake or do I have to take it out? And as soon as you ask the question, .... TINK is in your future! :)

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