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Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Lynne and I gave each other flowers last week -- we visited the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. It was a great day in the sunshine! We picked the right day too; it rained Siamese and Saint Bernards the following day. Here are some pictures from the gardens:

CMBG1    CMBG2   

CMBG3    CMBG6  


CMBG9    CMBG12 

CMBG13    CMBG14   

CMBG18    CMBG20

CMBG21    CMBG28   


CMBG11    CMBG26   

CMBG34   CMBG29   

CMBG30    CMBG31

There were some interesting sculptures every now and then, too:

CMBG4    CMBG5   

CMBG10   CMBG17   



And there is a lot more to see! The gardens cover 248 acres. Admission to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens from April 15 throuch October 31 is $14.00 for non-members, free for members; $12.00 for Seniors over 64; $6.00 for children 3 - 17 (under 3 they are free). November 1 through April 14 admission is free. They are open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. year round. I'd like to go in November to see it without the tourists -- without as many flowers too, but there you go. They have lots of fabulous trees, evergreens, that I think would be highlighted without all those showy flowers around. They have lots of places to sit and knit, too! It's a good place to spend the day. If I lived closer and wasn't handicapped and joined the Coastal Maine Botanical Society, you can bet I'd be there almost every day!



Wilda Yoders

Wonderful photos and comments. I agree with you about visiting in the Fall when tourist are gone. :) l We visit the Gulf in the Fall for that reason, too. Will put this botanical garden on my list for next visit to Maine.


Enjoy the gardens, Wilda!

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