yarndemon.typepad.com > 2008 June Knitting Cruise #2

Fairy Tower at the Lobster Bake
She's a pretty boat :)
The Lady Captain knits and steers with her toes :)
In the Galley
Fresh herbs on the boat
If a tree falls in the winter, does a knitter drop a stitch?
Ladies from Oklahoma :)
A fine family portrait!
Isaac H. Evans with Tug N Grunt
Knitting with tree trunk sized needles
Wine? Why yes, thank you.
Pretty granite
Pretty big granite
Putting the bugs in the bath
Lobstah's Up!
The socks I knit on the cruise.
Knit one... Sleep too...
Beautiful Socks!
Brian and Brenda :)
Fun in the sun!
Ahhhhh ...
Fire in the hole! Plug your ears!
Sailing under the bridge
Having waaaay too much fun!
The sweater's almost done...
Roller Derby Crocheter!
Owl's Head Light
Ta Daaaaa!!!!
Even the food is pretty :)
Le shopping bag, c'est finis!