Scrappy Blanket


It’s another beautiful day here on the coast of Maine. The sun is shining and hummingbirds are strumming at the feeders. I keep thinking that it will not be long before autumn and winter changes everything. I’ll always enjoy my summers.


Last night I bound off my Scrappy Shawl/Scarf thing. It’s really more of a scarf than a shawl because I couldn’t make myself knit it any larger. It’s one more WIP off the needles!


I started a Memory Blanket  with my DK/sport weight scraps back in March, mostly because I failed miserably making a crocheted blanket, so I decided to knit one.


The Memory Blanket is good because each square is picked up from two previous squares, and if you weave in the two ends of each square as you finish them, the blanket is done when the last square is done. 

The difference between my Scrappy Shawl and my Scrappy Blanket is: I love love love my Scrappy Blanket! See? I told you I was a bad  Project Parent. 
I knit a square on my Scrappy Blanket every morning when I have my coffee. I can watch my YouTube videos as I knit, drink my coffee, and it’s a great way to start the day. It feels like those mornings when I was a wee little girl, going down to the kitchen and spending time with my father while he had his coffee. Special times.


My Scrappy blanket is almost done. I decided to make it ten squares wide and fifteen squares long, and I have thirteen squares left to do. I’ll be done on August 25th if all goes well.

Wonder why it’s called a memory blanket? Each square uses yarn from another project, and I think about them as I knit. There are among the many a Harriet square …

and a Beekeeper square …


and a Sitwell Shawl square. 


Another fantastic thing that happened on Wednesday is that Sue officially became a Crazy Sock Lady, having completed her first pair of socks ever!!!!! Yayyy!!!!!! Congratulations Sue!


Now I want to knit socks. 

Scrappy Crescent Shawl


I started a scrappy crescent shawl back in February after watching WatchBarbaraKnit’s (Barbara Benson Designs) How to Knit an Easy Crescent Shawl on YouTube. It is very easy garter stitch; you increase four stitches on one row and increase two stitches on the back row and repeat those two rows until it’s deep enough or long enough or til you run out of yarn. I never run out of yarn - really, it’s a foreign thing to me - but mostly I think I will knit til it just about bores me to death and I’ll bind off. It will make a good shawl to keep warm in the mornings. 

Anyway, Scrappy started off being my knit-before-bed knitting, which moved to my-chair-knitting-to-watch-TV, and then I got caught up in my Christmas knitting and poor little Scrappy forlornly sat under my end table waiting to die, or until I picked it up again. The fact that Scrappy was fairly ugly didn’t help it much. I was using odds and ends of fingering weight scrap yarn, and I found that my socks and shawls had been lacking in nice colors. 


Now that my Christmas knitting is winding up, I’ve picked up Scrappy again and had to decide, do I rip him out? Or keep going? I shrugged. Scrappy is pretty ugly, but I am only wearing it to keep warm. It’s kind of like a working shawl. The stripes of many colors will be okay I guess. I decided to just increase two stitches in every row because I couldn’t keep track of whether I was on a 2-stitch row or a 4-stitch row. Well, I could keep track of it, but I didn’t really want to, being lazy and all, so I just switched at some point. 


I hope you are a better parent to your scrappy project than I am. I bet you don’t call it ugly or neglect the proper knitting technique or say, “Well, it will keep me warm anyway.” I hope your scrappy project will benefit from proper planning of colors and care of proper knitting and love!

The Kai Shawl


My beautiful Kai Shawl by Kristina Smiley is done, which is good, but I kinda wish it wasn’t done because I enjoyed knitting it so much. Kristina Smiley is aptly named, because knitting her design made me smile a lot, and I am sure that wearing it will make me smile too!

This is it before blocking. Even unblocked it’s pretty. I let it sit there for a couple days so I could admire it before I blocked it.

Of course, on the actual hottest day of the entire year, and at the hottest hour of said day, I decided it was time to block it. What an idiot.

For my birthday, I got a set of hard-ish foam interlocking blocking mat things and a cool set of blocking combs to use with it. Can I just say, blocking has become a joy and a task to be relished! Why didn’t I get this years ago? 
There are many types of blocking mats on Amazon, of all different costs, as well as play mats for kids which do the same job. The difference is kids’ mats have fun colors, and knitters’ mats have inches and helpful lines for blocking curved things if you know how to put it together right. (I don’t. Yet.) But the thing that really floated my boat was this set of mats came in a handy zippered bag  and stores upright in a small space! Winner!

I braved the incinerator-like heat, washed the shawl, and pinned it out. The process was quick and easy and I didn’t even have to swear! Amazing.

It’s like magic to see how lace opens up like a butterfly’s wings to reveal its beauty.
Well, it would be easier if I had the kids’ mats so you could see it instead of seeing the lines and stuff, but trust me, it’s beautiful. 

My Kai Shawl should be dry soon in this heat, but the humidity will slow it down a bit. And I can’t wear in this heat anyway. But it will start getting cooler at the end of this month and I will wear the heck out of it then!