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My dear friend, who happened to be my employer, died on Monday. Suddenly. Unexpectedly. I haven't been able to knit since then. Mostly I just stare at the wall. Brenda wouldn't like that. I can just hear her giving me hell. Maybe I'll try to pick it up tonight.

Meanwhile, I'll document something I whipped up a week or two ago, a little, dressy bias-knit scarf of Plymouth's 24K yarn. Brenda liked it, it's her favorite colors, pink and purple, and it's glittery. She liked shiny stuff. We used to giggle about it because I shared her secret fondness for glitz. God, I am going to miss her so much.


Yarn: 24K from Plymouth. Needles: size 9.

Cast on 24 stitches. Work as follows:
Row 1: Slip one, knit to end.
Row 2: Slip one, ssk, k 19, k2tog, k 1.

Work to end of skein and bind off.