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Stop-Action Knitting

Check out the music video for Steriogram’s song “Walkie Talkie”! I can’t believe how many hours it must have taken to produce it all, let alone animate it. Even if they used a knitting machine, it would still take a long time to piece it all together. What a job. I love it. Great New Zealand band, too.

from an article about the video:
"Everything in the clip is knitted: from the band’s instruments, to their recording studio and even the film camera that Gondry uses in his cameos role. Sound waves, tape reels, film rolls and other little details are all represented by wool and yarn. The outside world doesn’t escape the woolen treatment either - cars, trees and buildings are all knitted."

A piece about the making of the video is here: They show knitters literally knitting up the items in the video while it’s in production.


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