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A Year

Yesterday it was a year since Brenda died. It's been a long, hard year, for me, anyway.

We were closed on the 7th & 8th, ostensibly for cleaning & painting (which we did) but mostly because none of us could imagine being open on that anniversary. We would probably just keep crying and the customers probably wouldn't understand, because I am sure that last year's events are not at the front of their minds.

So we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and painted. We kept as busy as we could and it helped us get through it together, just as being together helped us get through that tough day last year. Last year I remember saying to Susan, how will we ever get along without Brenda? I still feel that way, every day. She was such an amazing woman.

As everyone was cleaning and laughing and working together, I listened to their voices and thought, what a contrast from last year... when we sat on the floor together and held each other and cried. It was so awful then.

We got a lot of cleaning and painting done, and the store looks pretty good. I cleaned and reorganized about half of the office, and I will pick away at the rest of it over the next few Sunday mornings. I finally changed the answering machine message, which still had Brenda's voice on it. We didn't get everything done that we wanted to, but I am surprised at how much we got done! We can finish it up over the rest of the Spring, a little here, a little there.



Can't believe it's been a year. Sounds like you all dealt with it the right way.

Here's hoping this year goes better for you.

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