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The knitting world has lost an amazing woman. Joan Davis has passed away following a period of illness. A master knitter, a creative designer, and a wonderful teacher, she was an inspiration to many in Maine's fiber community. She will be sorely missed.

For years, Joan ran knitting cruises on Penobscot Bay, and held "Knit-Ins" at midcoast Maine's bed and breakfasts. She organized 'fiber luncheons' at local restaurants and had guest speakers entertain us and educate us about various aspects of fibery things. She was my ultimate resource, the woman who knew absolutely everything about knitting, and I often looked to her for information and advice, which she always shared happily and freely.

Joan was adventurous as well. Once she put a few shetland sheep in the back of her SUV and drove them across country, because a friend wanted to add a few Northport shetlands to her flock in the midwest or somewhere. It was somewhere far away, anyway. Joan was willing to go to any lengths to promote wool production!

As you knit along this evening, please take a few stitches in memory of Joan. She'd like that, I think.


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