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Jury Duty

I had my last session of jury duty yesterday (Yes! I am off the list for 5 years now!). About a hundred of us in the jury pool went to the Knox County courthouse; we proceeded to wait for the lawyers and the judge to come in. We waited and waited. After a while the bailiffs went out. We waited and waited some more. Somebody suggested that what we needed was a little entertainment. There was one of those big, portable chalkboards in the court, and someone had foolishly left a piece of chalk on it. We considered tic tac toe, but the perfect appropriateness of another chalkboard game was evident, given the setting and the players. So we played Hangman. We saved two stick figures from death before the bailiffs returned.

Meanwhile, I was knitting the whole time on a sock. It's done in Schaefer yarns "Anne"; 72 stitches on size 1 dpns. You can tell how long we waited by virtue of the fact that when I entered the courtroom, I picked up the stitches for the gussets and started working in the round again, after finishing the heel. By the time we left I was just ready to start the toe decreases.

No jury was called; the party took a plea bargain. I guess it was a pretty entertaining way to spend the morning.


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