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Quantum Entanglement Knitting

I've been using A9 as my search engine of choice lately; I like how it brings up images as well as web links related to my search terms. So every now and then I just type in "knitting" to see what'll come up. Today, this image popped up:

When I clicked on it, it took me to a page whose intriguing title was "Quantum Entanglement Knitting". Hmm. Interesting. The first paragraph, actually the first sentence, only had about 3 words in it I could even define, interspersed around "Rabi oscillations" and "photons" and "atom-cavity". But the last sentence said "They provide us with elementary stitches to knit complex entangled states."

Well, entangled states I know very well. Elementary stitches, even, I can do. But believe me, none of the rest of the page made any sense whatsoever. Guess I'm not a physicist! (Although, one of my employee's father is.) I just thought it was cool that "knitting" and "quantum" anything have any connection.


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