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Water, Water Everywhere


(Image from a Village Soup story.)

We've had a lot of rain lately. This has created local flooding, which is quite unusual and kind of scary, actually. The Megunticook River, which flows into Camden Harbor via a normally very picturesque little waterfall, has become a raging torrent with a completely different personality. A couple of days ago the torrent was so wild it actually caused the harbor floats to break free -- they had to be retrieved and secured again.

Here's a quote from a local news website story:

"The force of water surging over the Megunticook River waterfall, which includes water from Megunticook Lake and many tributaries on the surrounding mountains, caused a number of floats to break apart and/or slide along the harbor bottom, threatening nearby boats.

Pixley [the Camden Harbormaster] said that a one-ton block holding a series of floats was dragged 100 feet from its original position in the harbor, testament to the force of the rushing water from inland."

(Read the whole story here .)

You can see what the waterfall normally looks like by visiting my Camden Harbor Photo Album.



Hi Beth;

Nice pictures of Camden and the surrounding area. And yes, the river looks quite a bit different from the last time I saw it, entering the harbor.

Thanks for posting those. I sent a link of the story to my brother (I have cousins that own the Spouter Inn up in Lincolnville Beach).

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