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Rainy Day Scarf


It's another rainy day.

I knit this scarf way back in January & February. I love the yarn; it's a wool/silk blend from The Purled Llama . The yarn is called "Melena" and the color is called "Beth" (yes, it's named after me!)

I had the scarf on display at the NETA knit and spin weekend in February, and several people asked for the pattern to knit it. I assured them I'd write down the pattern, but I never did get around to it. But this morning the rain reminded me of the scarf's wavy pattern stitch, so I finally wrote down the pattern. And here 'tis:

Rainy Day Scarf

1 skein “Melena” or a couple hundred yards of any wool/silk heavy worsted weight yarn*(see note below)
size 5.5 mm (US size 9) needles
tapestry needle

Finished measurements: 55 inches long, 4 inches wide (unblocked).

Cast on 28 sts.

Work in Wavy Pattern
Rows 1 - 4: (K 2, P 2) 7 times.
Row 5 & 7: P 1, (K 2, P 2) 6 times, K 2, P 1.
Row 6 & 8: K1, P 2, (K 2, P 2) 6 time, K 1
Rows 9 - 12: (P 2, K 2) 7 times
Row 13 & 15: K 1, (P 2, K 2) 6 times, P 2, K 1.
Row 14 & 16: P 1, K 2, (P 2, K 2) 6 times, P 1.
Rows 17 - 20: (K 2, P 2) 7 times
Rows 21 & 23: K 1, (P 2, K 2) 6 times, P 2, K 1.
Rows 22 & 24: P 1, K 2, (P 2, K 2) 6 times, P 1.
Rows 25 -28: (P 2, K 2) 7 times
Rows 29 & 31: P 1, (K 2, P 2) 6 times, K 2, P 1.
Rows 30 & 32: K1, P 2, (K 2, P 2), K 1

Repeat these 32 rows until you rund out of yarn; bind off; weave in ends.

*note: The Wavy Pattern could be adapted to suit any gauge yarn; it is a multiple of 4 sts/32rows. Just increase or decrease the number of times the K 2, P 2 (or P 2, K 2) is repeated in the middle. Actually, I guess you could even use it to make a baby blanket or an afghan. Or a pillow. Hmmm.....

I hope the sun comes out soon! The silk in this Melena yarn really looks lovely in sunlight.

(thinking: I bet this scarf would also be gorgeous in Alchemy Yarn's "Synchronicity" or "Bamboo").



Nothing like the gift of a free pattern to brighten up a soggy day. THANK you Beth !!

Terry Erwin

Hi Beth, The scarf is beautiful! Great job on the Melena. I'm glad you like it. Our web page address is , it's still a work in progress, but still viewable. Thanks. Terry

Beth Collins

Hi Terry! Thanks for the link! I'll edit my post right away -- I want lots of people to see The Purled Llama's beautiful yarns. :)


Thanks for the scarf pattern! . . . also loved looking at the pix of Camden -- I spent a year living in Lincolnville and we hung out in Camden as often as we could, the "theatre in the round" was one of my faves!
AnDy in Maine


I absolutely LOVE this pattern. It works up quickly, and it looks so nice!

Beth PFLAGfostermom

Thanks for the pattern. I've finished the scarf and posted a photo.


how many skeins did you use?


nevermind sorry im blind in one eye i didnt see it

Beth Collins

No problem :) Happy knitting :)

Bonnie Lingard

I absolutely LOVE this pattern!!! Thank you so much for your generosity and sharing it with fellow knitters. Peace, Bonnie

Beth Collins

Sure thing Bonnie! Happy knitting :) Beth

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