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Happy Memorial Day, everybody!

I'm headed to northern Maine today to attend my niece's committal service. Coming back on Wednesday, so probably no new post til at least Thursday. I'm taking my knitting. I have the back of Santa Fe half done, and I'd love to be able to move onto the sleeves by the weekend.

Then, my trip to Ohio for TNNA's Fall Yarn Show (it's not in the Fall; they show the new Fall yarns) is coming up fast -- Kristin & I are flying outta Bangor on June 9 for that. But I'll be bringing my laptop so maybe can blog the show. I don't think I'll be allowed to take pictures, but we'll see. The show is not open to the general public; it's for yarn shops, designers, people who sell yarn. You have to jump through hoops to get a show badge and get into the place. But it is fun, and very valuable in that you get to see all the newest, not even released yet products, and you can network with yarn shop people from all over the country. I've gotten a lot of good feedback and ideas at TNNA shows.

But I'll miss Fiber Frolic!



So sorry about Erin; it's tragic!

Beth Collins

Thanks, Helen. :) Working on the Erin Fund (which raises money to help small businesses install security devices like panic buttons, and also to provide scholarships) has been wonderful therapy for Erin's parents and siblings, as well as the rest of the family. At least, it helps bring something positive out of Erin's tragic death and makes it seem a teeny bit less pointless.

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