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Rainy Day Scarf

Thanks, gentle readers

Once upon a time there was a crabby old English teacher (secretly, a knitter) who thought she ought to be a highly successful writer. So she wrote a little. But when it came right down to it, she discovered she was better at other stuff than she was at writing. Later, in an effort to tie up some of her life's loose ends, she found some old writing files and decided to just give them to the masses via her blog.

Thanks everyone, for your incredibly kind words about my story!!!! I truly appreciate it. I'm really not a writer; I'm a yarn shop owner. But if that ever falls through, it's nice to know some people like my writing, in case I have to fall back on it to make a living.....



Love the shawl pictured in the top left corner of your blog. What is the name of the pattern?

Enjoyed reading your blog today.

Beth Collins

Hi Linda -- the shawl is Blackberry Ridge's "Legend of the Shetland Seas" stole. I dyed the off-white gossamer yarn purple before I knit it. Thanks for reading!

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