Day Two of the TNNA Show (Super-Sized Post)
Home Again

Good News and Bad News

Good news: Logan Airport has wifi for $7.95/day.

Bad news. They canceled our flight to Bangor. Who the hell wants to go to Bangor, right? So they're putting us on a BUS to Bangor. So instead of a 45 minute flight, it will be a 4 HOUR RIDE to Bangor. And we can't even leave until 3:30.

All I can say is, it is a good thing I brought my knitting.

If I have time, I'll add active links to stuff in my previous post. We'll see.



Helen in NH

Oh nooooooooo !!!!
I'll wave to you as you pass through Portsmouth Beth!

Shelagh Smith

Oh how I do miss the trade shows! Worked for a knitting/quilting shop for 10 years. However, I do knit swatches twice a year for the GWOY at TNNA, for Barry Klein. Thanks for the Columbus details, Beth. See you at SPA '06 with Anne Riker.

Shelagh in Vermont.


It has been wonderful reading about TNNA through your blog. I've enjoyed it a lot! :)

Now I have to come up this summer and visit your shop. I want to see all the new goodies that you've been talking about.

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