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Helen's Lace Shawl

Forgot to mention, I finished the "Helen's Lace" shawl I was working on when Kristin and I were in Ohio. The color is called "Bittersweet" and the pattern is printed inside the label on the Helen's Lace skein.

Here's Risa wearing it in the store:


I love it. It's my new favorite thing. :)



It's beautiful! I've seen a friend of mine wearing it too, but I didn't know what it was called.

I'm still thinking about the yarn. If I can just get a check in tomorrow's mail.....


Teresa C

It's really lovely. I can imagine just how it drapes, I love that yarn. Great color too.

Helen in NH

Whoa !!! Attsa lotta lovely color!!!!
It looks like the perfect summer evening must.



OK. Yarn lust has taken over. I've got to make one of those. Will be thinking about a color !

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