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Home Again

Correction -- it is a five hour bus trip from Boston to Bangor.

Heh heh, it was fine, really. Yeah, the bus was cramped and hot and the DVD player didn't work and there was no bathroom, but we enjoyed talking with the people sitting around us. We never would have had any interaction with them at all if we hadn't had to take the bus to Bangor.

Drove from home from Bangor, got back around 10 or so. Slept late this morning; I'm still tired.

I went back to yesterday's blog entry and made some of the company names into links to their web sites, if you want to check them out. I couldn't find the link to Swedish Yarns or Frogtree, so if anyone knows their URL let me know. It's probably printed on their price sheets or something; I have all the massive amounts of literature I picked up from each company at the show, but a) it's still out in the car and b) as I said, it's massive.

Most of the stuff I ordered at TNNA won't be coming into the store until at least mid-July, because it's all so new it is not available yet. I stretched the ship dates out, though, so shipments of new items will start arriving the end of July, and continue into the fall. And we still have new stuff coming that I ordered at TNNA back in January, in California. The last of the orders from that show should be arriving in June and July. New stuff all the time, here at Unique One.

By the way, thanks for reading my blog! Especially to the Helens, my two loyalest fans! Love ya! Helen in NH, I think I got your wave as I crossed over the bridge into Maine yesterday -- I was thinking of you as I zoomed by in the bus. And Helen of Bay Colony Farm, I hope you do get to Camden this summer! (By the way, your felted fabric is gorgeous! I saw the pics on your blog.) And thanks to the MANY readers -- I can tell people are reading because I am getting so many page hits a day. Hope you enjoy it!

So, I'm off to the store to try to catch up on stuff I didn't do there for the last five days. Then home again. At which point I'd like to take a nap, but I will really probably work on the next Unique One newsletter. Or the web site, or knit sweaters for the store, or database entries.......actually, a nap sounds good. :)



Glad to hear you made it back in one piece! Sounds like it was a long but fun trip. I was reading along too. It was like taking a virtual trip with you. GREAT descriptions by the way. Can't wait to see all the new "stuff" the shop gets. And if Helen of Bay Colony comes up I want to meet her too!!! :-)


Whoops-messed up my link. Check out my new buns!

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