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Knitting Gone Awry?

David Cole's The Knitting Machine: Twenty-foot knitting needles, plied by 2 excavators, knitting an American flag? A display of knitting needles that might have been army-issue combat equipment in conflicts from the Civil War through the Persian Gulf War? Hmmm, this is a museum display I'd love to see. It's at the MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA starting June 30.

Here's an excerpt about The Knitting Machine from the story I read:
"The Knitting Machine combines the feminized domestic American tradition of knitting with the grandiose gesture of construction usually associated with masculine labor. The Knitting Machine challenges familiar notions of labor and production, while expressing a complex understanding of patriotism."

And an excerpt about the display of hypothetical army-issue knitting needles:
"In Evolution of the Knitting Needle Through Modern Warfare -- which Cole describes as “hypothetical anthropology” -- each set of needles references a specific war in American history. The piece contrasts a basic form of production, knitting, with the progress of technology made through war. It is a study of the relationship between technology and violence."

You can read the entire story here.

I have no idea what "MASS MoCA" stands for, but maybe someone can enlighten me; I certainly couldn't find it anywhere on their website. If anyone in Massachusetts gets to see this installation at MASS MoCA, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

You can also visit David Cole's website for The Knitting Machine, which is where I got this picture of a show poster from when The Knitting Machine was in Providence:



Mass MoCA stands for "Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art".

I hear the museum is really interesting. I have yet to get there, even if it is only an hours drive.

I'm thinking about Helen's Lace. :)


Interesting. Mass MoCA (http://www.massmoca.org/images/misc_images/flyover.jpg)is a cool museum...it's in an old textile mill with warehouse dimension space -- tall ceilings, long, straight halls...They specialize in huge installation art exhibits. A trip to No. Adams should include a quick swing over to Williamstown, Ma. to see the Williams College Museum (http://www.wcma.org/) and the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute (http://www.clarkart.edu/make_a_visit/), both of which have wonderful collections and innovative approaches to exhibition. Williams College's graduate program in art history has produced curators for some of the country's best art museums...they practice at the local museums!


Whoops. Went back and tried the links from within the comment post and they don't work. But you can cut and paste them into a browser link box and they'll work. Sorry for the clutter!


Here's a story about another fiber related art exhibit that was deemed too shocking.

Crocheted Nudes Cause Brows to Knit

Beth Collins

Crocheted nudes?! oh my. Oh my oh my oh my.

That was a great story, Stephanie! Thanks for the link. I'm having fantasies about what kind of reaction I'd get in Camden if I stuck a couple of those sculptures in the front window of my store! At least it would give people something to talk about in March and April, and think of the free publicity I'd get....hee hee hee.


MASS MoCA has posted all summer performing arts events @ www.massmoca.org - Good stuff!

Also, the new exhibit Ahistoric Occasion will be open May 27!

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