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Like Water, but Chocolate

Yesterday Kristin reminded me of something I forgot, from the TNNA show. At the galleria/reception/fashion show, I saw something I had never seen before. After the fashion show, there were tables set up all over the place with desserts. (Who came up with that idea, I wonder? "Let's get people drunk at the cash bar and then give them lots of sugar, yeah, that'll make 'em buy lots at the show..." Except. There was no way to get drunk at the cash bar, since for $4.75 you got ice, mixer and approximately a Barbie's New Kitchen jigger of alcohol, holding a quarter of an eyedropper's worth of liquid. Next time, I swear, I'm bringing a flask with me....)

Anyway. At the "Dessert Bar" they had a chocolate fountain. It was flowing with gallons of liquid chocolate, and the table had platters of stuff you could dip in the chocolate: strawberries, bananas, cookies, whatever. I didn't try any, but Kristin said it was good. (I know, you're thinking, standing that close to flowing chocolate and you didn't even try it?! I know. But I was too busy trying to find the gin in my drink.)

I live a pretty sheltered life I guess; I had never heard of a chocolate fountain before. Apparently it's all the rage at wedding receptions these days. Joe and I obviously got married years too early. Maybe we should renew our vows: "Honey, I want a chocolate fountain; will you marry me? Again?" heh heh.

Here's a picture of a very similar fountain (I got the picture from The Chocolate Savant -- they sell chocolate fountains. If any of you out there happen to buy one, and invite me over to participate in it, there's something in it for you, if you like yarn.)



I didn't know about the chocolate fountain either, and I've only been married for (almost) 9 years. I haven't seen that type of thing at a wedding around here, but it has also been about 5 years since we were at a wedding (all our friends are married or divorced and not wanting to go that route again).

Yeah, that's it. Renew your vows. ;-)

Beth Collins

Helen, I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

NETA members: Don't we need one of these at next year's SPA? We must make the Doubletree buy one of these and set it up for us after the fashion show. Right? Right? Uh huh.

And by the way, the cash bar at the Doubletree has always been MUCH better than the one at the TNNA show.

Helen in NH

Believe or not.... the University of New Hampshire dining services just bought one of these suckers so we can have it at our various events on campus. What I don't get is why they put all those plates of bananas and pieces of poundcake and other junk between me and the fountain? Why don't they just hand me a big old stoneware mug and get out of my way?

Beth Collins

Helen -- you're a woman after my own heart!


Chocolate fountain = GOOD.
Missing booze in drink = BAD.

Seems to all equal out, until you figure in the scalars, in which case, the missing booze REALLY screwed up an otherwise nice day.

And anyway, don't they know fine liquors and chocolate can really bring out the flavor in each other?

I guess you're lucky there weren't two fountains, one for the choco, and one for the liquo. And in that case, you're lucky I wasn't there, because I'd probably be there still...


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