"Knitting the Empty Space"


Helen in NH

Will you cut it out? I'm supposed to be working and you're tantalizing me with all this good writing.

Helen in NH

no. no. don't stop.

I'm usually against the idea of crying at work, but I've made an exception this morning.


Beth Collins

See? If a story can stir enough heart-felt emotion to make you cry, it's well-written. Even though it made me cry too, I loved it and found it affirming and uplifting. Isn't it great we have the internet which lets us share finds like these?

Terrie Leigh Relf

Wow! Thank you! It's one of my favorite stories, too. I was googling myself, something I do when I need encouragement, and when I'm working on my bibliography, and lo and behold I found these inspiring comments.

Thank you,


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