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Entrelac Close-up

Some people on the Legends-Snowdrift group are concerned about how their picked-up edges look, on the entrelac squares that make up the center of the Snowdrift Stole. Here's a close-up of mine:

(click for big)

My edges look a little messy in the stole's current unblocked state; however, I do believe that when it is blocked, all will be sweetness and light.

I *think* (and it's been a while since I knit the entrelac center, so I could be wrong, here) that along the edge, I picked up the little "bumps" between the stitches rather than one of the strands of the stitch itself. I'd say, if you're knitting Snowdrift and are concerned, just try different ways and see which one you like.

And no, it doesn't bother me that the edges look different on different sides of the entrelac squares. :)



I've been knitting this stole on and off for, um, *mumble* years. When I picked it back up again the last time, I noticed that I was picking up stitches the right way this time. That is, there were no holes. I decided that the "wrong" way looks better. Lacy is good!

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