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I guess you all know how I can go on and on and on about how great Alchemy Yarns is. No, I don't work for them. No, I don't get a cut of their sales. I just love them.

Back in June, at the TNNA show, Gina and Austin gave me a sample skein of Sanctuary yarn, and I whipped up a simple scarf and gave it to them. It was pretty, I must admit, but 99% of its beauty was the yarn itself. Okay, I'll take 1% credit for it being beautiful, too. Anyway, they took a picture of it and put it on their website: Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. And you can not only see the scarf, but you can also get the pattern for it -- it's free! Hope you have as much fun making it as I did, and I hope you try some Sanctuary. I love that yarn.

Also, make SURE you check out the great picture of the Alchemy Yarn pet pig, Purl! Purl and her canine friends send off every shipment of Alchemy Yarn with their blessing. (The cookie they get from Darla, the UPS driver, may play a part in this.) Thanks for the picture, Gina & Austin!



Touche! But then, those who know you and bask in the reflected glory of your creations have always known you to be a star! Maybe I'll make the beautiful little scarf as a chance to use some Alchemy yarn in a simple project I can afford. Do you carry the Alpaca Pure yarn? In the kai's goldfish color? If not, do you have kai's goldfish color in any other Alchemy yarn? I like the idea that proceeds from the sale of that yarn go to help the family of this child who died too young. (story on Alchemy's 'Community' page -- http://www.alchemyyarns.com/community.html


Wooo hooo! It looks lovely! Yes, I've seen their yarns too, and keep drooling over them. But until I become a bit more solvent (after Rhinebeck! ), I'll keep drooling. ;-)

Beth Collins

Ellen -- I'm not at the store right now (and I'll be gone all week, actually) so I can't run and check on Kai's Goldfish, but I do know I have bout 8 skeins of that color in Alchemy's Synchronicity yarn. I'll happily order it for you in any of the yarns you like!

Helen -- Have fun at Rhinebeck! I'll have lots of Alchemy yarns at the SPA in February -- hope to see you there!

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